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Anais Tate

     Doesn’t everyone get asked that question? The response can vary, and we hope to say something insightful when asked, but…SIMPLY…we give a simple answer. I should first say this, I am in no way shape, or form SIMPLE. I am categorized as many things, but like every page, and anything that promotes a person, place, or thing. There is always an ABOUT ME. Now, half of us stare at the blank box wondering how many characters it will take to describe yourself, the place, or simply the product

For me, it is this.

      I am a Child of God. I am a Woman. I am a Daughter, I am a Sister. I am a Mother. I am an Aunt. I am a Best Friend. I am a Daydreamer. I am an Inventor…I am an Artist. I am a Photographer. I am a writer…I am a creative person….I am a person with ADHD…I am far from normal…I am a VETERAN… I am a BUSINESS WOMAN…I am a person who has failed. I am a person who has been scared… I am a person who has RISEN. I am a Fighter…. I am determined to SUCCEED…..

   DOES THIS SOUND SIMPLE TO YOU? …NO?… THIS IS WHO I AM …AND SO MUCH MORE….and I will take all my Passion and bring it to your projects. Dare to Create, Show the World. I’m here to help!

Luck is the last dying wish of those who want to believe that winning can happen by accident, sweat, on the other hand, is for those who know it’s a choice.